Campagne de chaussures portugaises pour 2020 par APICCAPS
Portuguese Shoes Campaign 2020

Plus tôt cette année, l’APICCAPS a lancé une campagne portugaise de chaussures pour 2020 sur le thème “We are FOOTure”. APICCAPS est une association nationale de fabricants portugais de chaussures, de composants et d’articles en cuir, basée à Porto, fondée en 1975.

We are FOOTure

“Times change, wills change, people change, trust changes; Everything is composed of change, always taking on new qualities.
We are those who have crossed the deserts, the forests and the seas. We are the ones who think… discover and reconfigure the notion of the world. We are the brave, we are whole and unique, together we embrace the sea, and with it we navigate all adventures. We are the ones raised from the ground who think that all change is the future and all the future is change.
We are what we want to be, and we want more and better every second, because we are made of history and of an immense desire.
Because only in this way are we future”.

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